About Us

Hello! My name is Sugandha and I’m the creative force behind La Dee Da. I’ve loved art my whole life. I have been painting, drawing, singing and crafting since I was a child. From my first mark makings as a toddler to a formal education and career in graphic design, being creative is in my bones! I grew up in an environment that fostered the love of the arts in me as a young girl. My father exposed me to a plethora of projects and different mediums of painting at a very young age. My mother, who ran a clothing boutique taught me how to sew. I spent my childhood learning how to batik, tie-dye, decoupage, sing, dance and explore my world through different creative mediums.

I graduated from the Art Institute of Atlanta with a BFA and concentration in Graphic Design. Prior to LDD, I owned an invitation company designing and selling luxury custom invitations to top stationery retailers all over the country. I live in Brookhaven with my husband and our two beautiful babies. Our daughter Samara is the driving force behind La Dee Da. She’s a spirited 4 year old who’s smart, articulate and passionate. She’s my muse!