Meet Our Educators

Sugandha Rosenhaft

Art Educator + Creative Director (CPR & First -Aid Certified)

Hi my name is Sugandha and I’m the creative force behind La Dee Da. I’ve loved art my whole life. I have been painting, drawing, singing and crafting since I was a child. From my first mark makings as a toddler to a formal education and career in graphic design, being creative is in my bones! I grew up in an environment that fostered the love of the arts in me as a young girl. My father exposed me to a plethora of projects and different mediums of painting at a very young age. My mother, who ran a clothing boutique, taught me how to sew. I spent my childhood learning how to batik, tie-dye, decoupage, sing, dance and explore my world through different creative mediums. I hold a BFA in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Atlanta. I am a mother to two amazing little people (Samara and Liam) and married to my best friend for 15 years. Together they make my world complete! See the interview on Voyage Atlanta.

Jessica Brown

Curriculum Director


Jessica has been a part of the La Dee Da team since 2015. 

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Itzya Villalba

Day Manager & Lead Instructor

Itzya has a 2 year degree in early childhood learning. She has been a part of the La Dee Da team since the summer of 2016. With a kind, passionate heart, a smile on her face and excellent work ethic, Itzya is an integral part of our team and the children adore her. She is patient and nurturing and wonderful with our younger campers. In her spare time she enjoys photography and hanging out with her friends and her dog Bailey. She also actively volunteers at a local non-profit that provides educational programming for Latino children in the Sandy Springs community.


Lauren Woody

After School Art Instructor

Lauren is an Adaptive Art Specialist with the Fulton County School system. Art making can be one of the most meaningful activities in which a student can be independently and creatively engaged. As an Adaptive Art teacher, Lauren has been trained to work with a wide range of students with cognitive, physical, social or emotional challenges. Lauren has worked with us for 3 summer seasons so far and she also teaches some of our fine arts after school art classes. Her nurturing quality and natural love for art will help children unleash their creative potential. In her spare time, Lauren enjoys making art and spending time with her family.


Sandy Springs Kids Party Place

Meet Liam & Samara

La Dee Da Brand Ambassadors and Aficionados 

Samara is a spirited 11 year old and a 6th Grader. She is bright and articulate and passionate beyond words! She loves theatre, dance, books, music, painting and crafting, riding her bike and everything Harry Potter! An aspiring broadway actress, singer and song writer, she is my muse! She often reads to the younger students and is a junior counselor in training at La Dee Da. She has a natural ease in front of the camera and you'll find her on a lot of our social media and print marketing.

Liam is my 9 year old and a 4th Grader. He is a kind, gentle soul with a big heart! He is a curious guy who likes to read encyclopedias for fun and can beat you at Trivia. He loves building and tinkering around, trying to figure out how things work. A future scientist in the making! Liam loves animals, art, legos, science, video games and is the happiest when playing outdoors looking for bugs or going through the recycling to create his next invention.