Our Philosophy

We are rooted in the idea that art and creativity are fundamental to the development of a well-rounded childhood and are meaningful, valuable forms of self-expression for teens and adults. Our art classes instill confidence and harbor growth and development while fostering creative thinking – a necessary practice for personal expression, self-reflection and fun for all ages.

We believe that art is a lifelong journey. This belief has led many professional artists, inventors, photographers, storytellers and creative individuals on long-term rewarding paths. Every artist must start on his or her own creative path.

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Why Art Education?

  • Art teaches problem solving and encourages open-ended thinking. It builds self-esteem, increases motivation and nurtures teamwork.
  • Art develops the whole brain. It strengthens focus and increases attention, develops hand eye coordination and requires practice and strategic thinking.
  • Art education prepares kids for the future. Creative education increases the future quality of the local and global community.
  • Art strengthens community by reaching across racial stereotypes, religious barriers and socioeconomic levels. Art creates a sense of belonging.

Our classes provide opportunities for creativity, personal expression, problem solving and the development of cultural awareness.

The most important thought to keep in mind when working with children in art is that they are energetically engaged in a process of movement and manipulation of materials. This process supersedes whatever appearance the finished product may take. The goal is that each child is satisfied with their creative expression while always encouraging growth.