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We appreciate you choosing La Dee Da for your child’s party celebration. Our hope is your event will be both memorable and fun. To ensure the best possible experience we ask you to adhere to the following:

Birthday Party Contract must be submitted along with your Party Deposit. Your reservation is not complete until this contract and deposit have been received by La Dee Da. Party dates are reserved on a first come, first served basis.


Compensation for Services: Party Host agrees to pay an initial deposit of $200.00, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged upon execution of the Agreement. 50% of the initial deposit (typically $100) is non-refundable and non-transferable. Additional charges per attendee shall apply, with a minimum of ten (10) attendees required for all parties and (8) attendees for a DIY party. In the event attendance is less than the party package requirement, Party Host shall be charged for the minimum of what’s set forth in the party package.

Date Changes: Should, for any reason, the date of the party change, best efforts will be made to accommodate the new date. The Party Host agrees that in the event of a date change by the Party Host, any expenses including but not limited to a $25.00 administrative fee and 50% of initial deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable and are the sole responsibility of the Party Host.

Cancellations: The Party Host agrees that 50% of the deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable event of a party cancellation up to one month of party date by Party Host, for any reason. There will be no refunds given for parties cancelled less than 1 month prior to party date. The cancellation fee is the property of La Dee Da, LLC.

What is included? Along with the exclusive use of our facility, La Dee Da also provides an instructor led take-home art activity of your choice along with a party host to make your event run smoothly. Based on the party package selected your event may include paper products, plastic ware, balloons and custom table decorations needed to make your event spectacular. We specialize in the high-end styling of your event. Some packages also include food, drinks, favors and photography! Each package is customized and priced at the time of booking.

# ARRIVAL TIME: We allow the host family to come to the studio 15 minutes before their event. Please note that we are busy setting up for your event prior to this time. If you come too early it could cause distractions and delays to our set up procedures. Similarly, we also allow an additional 15 minutes at the end of the event for packing up and loading up cars etc. We do start breaking down the event right around this time and set up for the next event. There will be a $50 charge accessed if you and your guests stay past this time

If you have reserved a party date but have not yet sent in your party contract and/or deposit, and another parent expresses interest in the same date, we will notify you of the situation and give you “first option” to submit your contract and deposit. You will have 2 business days to submit your contract and deposit, after which we will offer the date to the other parent.

# HEADCOUNT: You may change your total number of expected children with us up to the Wednesday prior to the party. We realize that getting confirmation for all of the attendees can be challenging at times but in order to have your party packaged and prepared we MUST have a final tally the Wednesday before the party date. At this time we will issue a final invoice to you. Last minute, “extra” children are discouraged. You are responsible for this amount minus deposit amount at the day of the party. Any child over 2 years of age is considered a guest and is counted towards the cost regardless if he/she participates in the activity or not. Our studio can accommodate a maximum guest list of 28 children and approximately 20 adults. Drop-offs are highly encouraged for children 5 years and up. 

# PARTY RUN TIME: Our standard party runs 90 minutes. Unless prior arrangements are made, the first 60 minutes of the 90 minute party will consist of a combination of a birthday card making or coloring activity, main art/craft activity chosen (facilitated by our staff). The next 20 minutes of the party are set-aside for serving food and cake. The last 10 minutes are allocated for free play in the indoor or outdoor play areas. We strongly encourage you to reserve an additional 30 minutes for your event, if your guest count includes 15 children or more or if you’re hiring additional entertainers or professional photographers. If you chose not to do so and your party runs past 90 minutes, you will be billed $25 per 15-minute increment that your party extends beyond the scheduled 90-minute time.

# CHANGES TO THE AGREEMENT: Kindly notify us ASAP if there are any changes to your party as outlined in your party contract (i.e. number of children expected, party time, hours requested, theme change, location, etc.) The sooner you notify us of a change, the more likely it is we can accommodate it. Please note: We may not be able to provide the agreed upon activity/craft/favor if the guest count increases from the original estimate and the party host has not notified La Dee Da in advance.

# DEPOSIT: All events require a $200 deposit to reserve the date and time, with no refunds one month prior to the scheduled party, with the remaining balance due on the day of the event. Nonrefundable deposits can be applied to another party if it is held within two months of your originally scheduled event date (availability permitting and a $50.00 administrative fee).

# BALANCE DUE DAY OF EVENT: Your deposit amount is only to place your event date and time on hold. Remaining balance and cost of additional participants along with any add-ons is due the day of the event. 

# GRATUITIES: Our staff is professionally trained to run your event. It is our goal to provide exceptional customer service! Many parents ask us what is appropriate to tip their hosts. A suggested tip amount is 15-20% of the party total. Please tip as you feel inspired. At La Dee Da we pride ourselves in offering a CUSTOMIZED PARTY EXPERIENCE like none other!

We thank you for the chance to make your child’s birthday the ABSOLUTE most joyful experience that it can be for her or him.


I agree to notify La Dee Da if there are any changes to my party as outlined in my party contract (i.e. theme change, number of children expected, activity change, party time, hours requested, etc.).

I understand Parent Consent Forms are REQUIRED for each guest to participate and must be signed for each child attending (including Guest of Honor) prior to the admittance to our studio. We will provide the forms for your guests upon arrival.

It is understood and agreed that I will abide by the La Dee Da Policies set forth herein and further that I will assume all responsibility for any hazards on behalf of my child and all of the guests participating in the party and hereby waive, release and hold harmless La Dee Da, LLC its affiliates, officers, members, agents, employees, other participants, and sponsoring agencies from and against any and all claims, injuries, liabilities or damages arising out of or related to participation in the La Dee Da party event. The Terms shall serve as release and assumption of risk of my heir, heirs, executor and administrator and all family and guests.

I understand that additional costs will apply for any party extras or table/chair rentals that you may choose to add to your event.




La Dee Da, LLC

120 Allen Road

Sandy Springs, GA 30328

We look forward to celebrating with you!