La Dee Da is packed with exciting new ways for toddlers to elementary level children to play and learn about the arts. Our age-appropriate classes and camps come alive in an environment designed to be creatively stimulating and safe. Our small class sizes and experienced art educators will help your child get the most out of each session. And you'll feel right at home in our laid-back atmosphere, perfect for getting to know other parents or joining in the fun!

Use the “classes & programs” menu to explore everything we have to offer! All classes are between 45 minutes to an 1 1/2 hours long and are offered in 8 week sessions. We also offer one-time workshops, story time, drop-in open studio, and many exciting and creative speciality art camps over the school breaks.

Share a unique experience with your child that's good for both of you and leave the mess to us!

Kids Art Classes

Creating Art Provides Children with Skills for Self-Expression and Communication

Creativity is the single most important trait for leaders of the future. Yet American kids are falling behind in this critical area. Our schools have cut back on or eliminated arts programs, and we're over scheduling them, leaving little time for them to pretend and explore on their own. –

Research shows that for children growing up in our rapidly changing world, the arts teach vital modes of seeing, imagining, inventing and thinking. Art is a visual language that speaks to students with all learning styles, providing them the opportunity to create, problem solve, and think critically. Art education engages children more fully in all aspects of learning and gives them a richer understanding of themselves and the world around them. Art encourages children to become curious and imaginative!

Messy Toddler Tuesdays (Structured Art Projects & Sensory Play)

Toddler Art ClassIn this multi-sensory experience, your toddler will learn to develop fine motor skills by painting, drawing, squeezing glue, stringing beads, painting on an easel, cutting, collaging, stamping, and even using clay. Each session includes a story time with songs, theme specific sensory bins, and an instructor led themed take-home art project along with play time in our beautiful studio space. Our 8-week session is designed especially for children ages 24 months – 4 years (with guardian) to explore a variety of age-appropriate activities in a safe, fun and creative environment.

Must register through our online calendar for single class or call 404-963-7391/ email [email protected] to reserve your spot. Payment is required ahead of time to reserve a spot for your toddler.

Messy Toddler Tuesdays: 24 month – 4 years
Date & Time: Tuesdays; 10:15 am – 11:05 am
Winter Classes Start: January 14 - March 3 
8 week session •
Cost $120 (8 weeks) • Cost $18 (single day; drop-in rate)   REGISTER HERE

Little Tykes Process Art (Open Ended Art & Sensory Play)

Little Tykes Toddler Process Art ClassIt’s all about the process here! In this 8-week class your young artist will be self-directed, choice-driven, and celebrate the experience of discovery. In process art, the final product is always unique and the focus lies in the creation of the work, not necessarily the final outcome. Little artists along with their caregivers will be guided through sensory-based art activity stations to promote the growth of their social, emotional, and physical development while engaging in open ended art projects. Each week brings different adventures and themes, with stations where children can play, experiment & discover how things feel & work along without being tied to a structured end project. Toddlers will get to explore painting with non conventional art tools like a potato masher, salad spinner, toothbrush, dancing as we paint with our feet, painting with trucks and cars, stamping with legos and a whole lot more! Be prepared to embrace the mess in this class and then leave it all behind! Our 8-week session is designed especially for children ages 24 months – 4 years (with guardian).

Little Tykes Process Art & Sensor Play: 24 month – 4 years
Date & Time: Fridays; 10:15 am – 11:05 am
Winter Classes Start: Friday January 17 - March 6 
8 week session •
Cost $120 (8 weeks) • Cost $18 (single day; drop-in rate)   REGISTER HERE

Jr. After School Art Club (K- 2nd Grade); Mixed Media Art Class

After School Art Class for Kids, Atlanta, GA La Dee Da Studio

Our next 8 week session is designed for students to develop their artistic skills by engaging in the creative process from planning to creation. This workshop introduces emerging artists to a variety of mixed media and encourages self expression through the development and practice of art fundamentals. Artists meet weekly at La Dee Da to create both individual and collaborative art projects. Projects use a variety of mixed media and techniques like mosaics, papier mache, acrylic canvas painting, nail string art, clay and a whole lot more. Art club commences in a artist showcase.

Juniors Club: Grades K - 2nd meets every Tuesday
Date & Time: Tuesdays; 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Winter Classes Start: January 14 - March 3 
8 week session • Cost $188 (includes all materials & supplies); commences in Art Showcase end of semester REGISTER HERE

Meet The Masters (1st - 3rd Grade); Fine Art Class

Art Class for Children, Atlanta, GA La Dee Da

Our brand new art class for our serious young artists. Appropriate for children 1st grade - 3rd grade. Students will learn about painting on canvas paper, canvas board and stretched canvas using acrylics, water colors and oil pastels while learning about techniques, style and vocabulary of master artists like Kahlo, Kandinsky, Monet, Picasso, Renoir, and more! Our artists will also learn about different Art Styles and Cultural Art from around the world.  Some classes are drawing, some are painting. We mix it up so each class is different. Parents are invited to an end of semester showcase!

Meet The Masters: Grades 1st - 3rd meets every Thursday
Date & Time: Thursdays; 4:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Winter Classes Start: January 16 - March 5 
8 week session • Cost $188 (includes all materials & supplies); commences in Art Showcase end of semester REGISTER HERE

Beginner Still Life Drawing Class for Kids (3rd Grade +)

Drawing Classes for Kids, Sandy Springs, La Dee Da

If you have a natural artist or a child that has shown some serious interest in drawing, this class is for you! In this 8-week session we will cover the Value Scale and shading techniques, basic forms, lines, and dimension. Students will learn to compose their own still life using geometric objects while learning to recognize edges, lines, and angles; to reckon proportion and perspective; decipher shadow, highlights, and gradations of tone. This course offers a creative and encouraging environment, where students receive individual attention through the exploration of the creative learning process. All supplies are included. Students will work on a total of 3 projects. The session commences with an Art Showcase of student work.

Class Level: Beginner Age 9 & Older meets every Tuesday
Day & Time: Tuesdays, 4:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. 
Winter Classes Start: January 14 - March 3
Instructor: Lauren Woody 

8 week session • Cost $205 (includes all materials & supplies);
commences in Art Showcase end of semester REGISTER HERE

Open Studio

Open Studio is offered at varying times throughout the week and is non-regimented time for parents and kids to come explore the world of art and creativity. You are welcome to use our open spaces for play and art activity. We offer a number of slots for open play during our business hours (studio closed on Mondays). Children are free to explore the different activity rooms, create a gift for a loved one, paint on the easel and chalkboard, paint a piece of pottery or play in the indoor and out door play spaces! This is facilitated parent-and-child playtime for kids of all ages.

Available Tuesday - Friday & Sunday Afternoons (please see calendar for times as they vary throughout the week)
Cost $15/hour
Ongoing (please check calendar, no open studio offered over camp days)

School Break Day Camps

When school isn't in session, La Dee Da is! Sign up your child for one of our many specialty art school-break camps that keep creative minds and bodies learning outside of a traditional classroom. Our camps are suitable for children ages 3 (MUST be potty trained) - 10 years old. Our program is designed to give children a platform to learn and develop their skills while offering them a space to share and take pride in their creations. Camps are available throughout the year, including:

  • Fall Break
  • Winter Break
  • Spring Break
  • Some Religious Holidays
  • Certain long-weekend holidays, such as Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Labor Day and Columbus Day
  • Teacher Work Days

See our calendar for more details.

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Naya's 6th Birthday!

Sarah Smith Art Playdate

Mother’s Day Flower Arrangement DIY

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Messy Toddler Tuesdays


Ellie's 5th Birthday!

Sade's 7th Birthday!

Amina’s 5th Birthday!

Open Party Slot – Morning

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Messy Toddler Tuesdays


Ava's 7th Birthday!

Virginia's 5th Birthday!

Zoe's 7th Birthday!

Emma's 7th Birthday!

Brette’s 4th Birthday!

Bella’s 6th Birthday!

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Olivia's 6th Birthday!

Madeleine’s 10th

Collins's 9th Birthday!

Nalah’s 6th Birthday!

Calista’s 6th Birthday

Down on the Farm (Ages 3+ MUST be potty trained)

Studio Closed

Studio Closed

Down on the Farm (Ages 3+ MUST be potty trained)

Down on the Farm (Ages 3+ MUST be potty trained)

Down on the Farm (Ages 3+ MUST be potty trained)

Down on the Farm (Ages 3+ MUST be potty trained)

Open Party Slot – Morning

Imani Selby's 6th Birthday!

Ava Rose's 4th Birthday!

Open Party Slot – Morning

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Studio Closed

Sweets & Treats (Session 1) (Ages 4+)

Sweets & Treats (Session 1) (Ages 4+)

Sweets & Treats (Session 1) (Ages 4+)

Sweets & Treats (Session 1) (Ages 4+)

Margaret's 6th Birthday!

Sophie's's 8th Birthday!

Grayson’s 9th Birthday!

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