Puppy Snuggles Art Kit (includes 3 projects)


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This kit is perfect for any child who loves animals and arts & crafts! Use our kit as a boredom buster, weekend art project, or as a craft play date! Makes a great group event at a birthday party as well. Each of our full size kits includes 3 full projects that can be spread out for multiple days or shared with a friend or sibling. You could also always follow along with your child and make it an even more fun experience. Crafts may share some material – sharing is caring! Our guarantee, there are more than plenty of supplies in there! This kit is designed for children ages 5 to 11 years old. Each craft varies in terms of skills development and younger kids may need assistance.

Each Kit contains:

  • 8″ x 10″ Puppy Themed Canvas (pre traced rainbow design)

  • Wooden Dog Bone (Can me personalized with your pet’s name and hung on dog crate)

  • Wooden Tree Ring Disc (with pre traced paw print)

  • Assorted acrylic paints

  • Buttons

  • School Glue

  • Brushes

  • Twine and Wooden Beads