Rainbows and Sunshine – Art Kit (includes 3 projects)


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Fun, Interesting and Creative activities for your child. Let them explore the wonder of nature as they create & decorate 3 Rainbow themed crafts/

Each Box Includes material for crafting:
- 8" x 10" Rainbow Themed Canvas (pre traced rainbow design)
- Wooden Photo Frame with Wooden Rainbow
- Canvas Tote for Art Supplies, Crafts, Books etc. (pre traced design on tote)

This Box includes projects for three (3) crafters - or spread out over 3 days, or you could follow along with your child and make it an even more fun experience. Crafts may share some material - sharing is caring! Our guarantee, there are more than plenty of supplies in there!

This kit is designed for children ages 5 to 11 years old. Each craft varies in terms of skills development and younger kids may need assistance.