Rainbow Rice Sensory Kit


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Have you ever heard that it can be fun to play with rice? Rice is a tactile medium for open-ended fun and creativity. The texture of the grains of rice give  skin receptors lots and lots of tactile input as a means of “satisfying” that craving for touch. Our rainbow sensory rice will make a perfect gift for toddlers. Simply pour the rice into a bin (even a Tupperware will do) and watch kids scoop, dig for “treasures,” sort and explore!

Your Kit Contains:

  • 32 ounce glass jar with rice (four shades, colors can vary based on kit)
  • Acrylic gems and foam hearts (hidden in the rice)
  • Wooden scoop
  • One silicone baking cup (assorted shapes, hidden in rice)

Playing with rice can improve hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and problem solving abilities. The best part of sensory play is that there are no rules while children learn and have fun!

*WARNING-Choking hazard. This kit is not intended for children under the age of three and adult supervision is always required.


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