Junior’s After School Art Club – Fall Semester

Our 8 week session is designed for students to develop their artistic skills by engaging in the creative process from planning to creation. This workshop introduces emerging artists to a variety of media and encourages self expression through the development and practice of art fundamentals. Artists meet weekly at La Dee Da to create both individual and collaborative art projects. Session will commence in an artist showcase.

Age Requirements: K-2
Meets: Every Tuesday (8 weeks)
Date: September 10 – October 10
Time: 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Minimum Enrollment Required: 5
Instructor: Jessica Brown
Cost: $175 (includes all supplies and material)

Optical Illusion & Perspective Drawing Class – Fall Semester

In this 8 week drawing course, students will learn what an optical illusion is and how the eyes can play tricks on the brain. They will also create their own optical art project using rulers, markers, charcoal pencils and basic shapes. We will also discuss perspective drawing and shades, tints and values. This is an introductory class which will expose children to drawing from direct observation with an emphasis on space, volume, linear and free hand perspective, and other basic techniques and concepts. We will discuss One-Point, Two-Point and Three-Point Linear Perspective. Session will commence in an artist showcase.

Students will be responsible for keeping a sketchbook (provided) throughout the 8 week course and working on small homework assignments.
Class Level: Beginner
Age Requirements: 10 and older
Meets: Every Tuesday (8 weeks)
Time: 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Date: September 10 – October 10
Minimum Enrollment Required: 5
Instructor: Lauren Woody
Cost: $185 (includes all supplies and material)

Messy Toddler Tuesdays – Fall Semester

In this multi-sensory experience, your toddler will learn to develop fine motor skills by painting, drawing, squeezing glue, stringing beads, painting on an easel, cutting, collaging, stamping, and even using clay. Each class includes story time, sensory play and a take home craft project. Our 8-week session is designed especially for children ages 24 months – 4 years (with guardian) to explore a variety of age-appropriate activities in a safe, fun and creative environment. Children will be introduced to the elements of art by learning shapes, color recognition, color mixing and texture while experimenting with new and engaging materials.

Time: 10:15 a.m. – 11:05 p.m.
​Age: 24 month – 4 years

Dates: September 10 – October 29
8 week session
Instructor: Sugandha Rosenhaft
$125.00 (per 8 week session, includes all supplies); $18/drop-in class