Gratitude Cards for Thanksgiving!

Your kiddos are an inspiration to me, but I’m a parent myself, so I know that the daily routine of nurturing, entertaining, and taxying them is * not. always. easy. * So let’s get to some fun, non-messy seasonal craft ideas for those moments when you want to do something fun but you can’t get out of the house. I did these simple (and very low cost) but beautiful cards with my daughter Samara. She hand wrote them and distributed them to her teachers and friends this Thanksgiving.

Supplies Needed:

  • Card Stock (something relatively light weight)
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  • Crayons (we used Fall colors, red, orange and yellow). Peel off the paper wrapping.
  • Construction Paper For Layering (Available at the Dollar Store or any craft store. We used Fall colors, red, orange and yellow)
  • Paper Cutter or Scissors are fine as well
  • Ruler (to measure and cut if not using a paper cutter)
  • Water Color Paints (or you can just use crayons for the leaf rubbing)
  • Fresh Leaves (look for fun shapes)
  • Envelopes if making cards (look at the Dollar Store or Office Supply Store)


  • Collect as many beautiful fall leaves as you can find of all shapes and sizes around you.
  • On a piece of plain paper, position leaves vein side up in a pattern that you find pleasing.
  • Lay another top sheet of plain white light weight card stock paper over the top of the leaves, making sure the leaves underneath don’t move around. (If you’re working with a younger child, this step might require additional help).
  • Select the crayons you would like to use to create your leaf rubbing. Any color will work, but try to use fall colors like red, orange, yellow and gold. Peel off the paper wrappers, so you don’t have to worry about them getting in the way.
  • Turn a crayon on its side and gently rub over the top sheet of paper. Make sure you do your rubbing on a flat, hard surface, so the leaves won’t slide around and the leaves’ shapes will appear more distinct on the paper. Again when working with younger children, you might need to help them rub the crayons “gently”.
  • The leaf images will magically appear on the paper! Experiment with different crayon colors and leaf arrangements to create one-of-a-kind leaf masterpieces.
  • You may want to use water colors to paint the white space or leave the cards with just the leaf rubbing. Crayons are made from wax so they will repel water. You will be able to paint wherever the paper was left blank.
  • If making cards, simply fold and cut the card stock in halves and measure a smaller piece of construction paper to layer.
  • Use your glue stick to add to you pre-folded cards.
  • Otherwise, simply save the leaf rubbings for a fun art project!

Many people today underestimate the value of giving or receiving a handmade thank you card. It’s never to early to teach your children about gratitude and saying thanks! These cards can be made and saved for many occasions and make perfect birthday cards as well! Nothing says thank you more than a hand written note! Happy Fall Ya’ll!