There’s something so special and sweet about creating Valentines with your kiddos. It’s an annual tradition in our house and even though sometimes I wish I could just get myself to buy the store bought stuff and save all the trouble, (thanks Tarjay for all the cute cards) it’s one of those moments that I cherish most with my kids. I also realize that there are just a handful of innocent moments such as this left in my daughter’s childhood (she’s 10) where exchanging Valentine’s with her entire class will hold so much excitement. I love how much joy and pure innocence goes into creating these simple memories and I hope that one day my kids will look back and see how beautiful and colorful their childhood has been. I also love the fact that I can teach them about gratitude and writing cards (a gesture that being slowly forgotten). So yesterday after I put my worries aside about creating a paint mess in my house we set out all of our supplies on the counter and set up to play. We created beautiful marbled cards using shaving cream. And not only were the cards beautiful they also got to enjoy the sensory aspect of playing with shaving cream. Full disclosure, this process is messy, but oh so gorgeous!

Marbling Paper With Shaving Cream and using paints (liquid water colors, tempura paints or acrylics work great). The process is fascinating and really easy. You simply press a piece of paper into shaving cream swirled paints and then using a wooden skewer created patterns in the shaving cream. We then lightly pressed the paper onto the shaving cream and the colors and patterns transferred beautifully onto the paper, making it look marbleized. You can use this beautiful paper to make wrapping paper, homemade cards, book covers and event paper snowflakes. The possibilities are endless!

Supplies Needed:

  1. Shaving Cream (Dollar Store, foam not gel)
  2. Plain White Paper (we used card stock, any office supply store, target, walmart)
  3. Any Type of Paints (stick to 2-3 complimentary colors)
  4. A Cookie Sheet or Pan
  5. Bamboo Skewer or even a Toothpick
  6. An Old Credit Card or Something Stiff for Scraping
  7. Scissors