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Summer Camps and dealing with separation anxiety with young children

With summer right around the corner, you might have enrolled your child in several different camps this season. While you might be worried about coordinating pick-ups and drop-offs, your child will be exposed to new environments, caregivers and friends, all of which can sometimes be intimidating for young children and even older ones. Children go […]

Summer is here, which camps will you choose?

If you’re like a lot of parents, you’ve probably already spent or are spending a considerable amount of time on the computer doing your research, making calls and talking to friends just so you can line up a fantastic Summer for your child! With so many different camp options around town, sleep away, and day […]

How to talk to kids about their art

This is a pretty common scenario played out as so…Your child comes to you with a picture he/she has just drawn or brought home from school. You look at it and say something like, “Wow, that’s beautiful sweetheart.” Then you put it on the fridge. And that is pretty much the end of it. While […]

How to plan a family friendly Seder with antsy tots!

Let’s face it, you’ve spent several days cleaning the house, planning the meal and preparing for family to come over. But perhaps you’ve overlooked this big preparation from the eyes of a young child. Getting the little ones involved in religious celebrations is always a great idea but sometimes easier said than done! Below is a […]

Keeping Kids’ Art

 Get rid of the clutter and start to enjoy your child’s work! How to go from a stack of original kid creations to a display that both honors their artwork, looks good in your home, and is easy to switch out as your children make newer and greater artworks and as their art styles develop and change?  […]